Advertising Department

Leguncova Svetlana Viacheslavovna
Chief of Advertising Department

tel.: +38 (0642) 34 59 13

34 59 82 

fax: +38 (0642) 33 25 37


Company "Poly-Pack" already has a world name and proved strict, laconic corporate style which includes a logo, official blanks, envelopes, visit cards etc. But taking into account that the competitive market changes constantly, and doesn`t stay on one place, employees of advertising department are updating the corporate style of the enterprise, develop advertizing and informational products.

We consider that collective experience of solvation of the problems and achievement of the goals - is the main advantage of «Poly-Pack». In strategic game wins the player which is better understanding rules of the game or the player who creates such rules. You want to learn the future - create it. Or be content with that it will be created by others, - for themselfs. Our team receives the necessary result always and never stops on half of the way. In our professional life all is in constant development.

We don't struggle with changes, sience we expect them, we are inspired and enjoy them!

Manager of Advertising Department:

  • Macepura Svetlana

Specialist in advertizing materials:

  • Deordica Dmitriy