About company


The CLIENT: Our business and our company are constructed around requirements of the client. He evaluates our behavior and direction of development. We creat relations with our clients in such way  by which we would like others treat with us.

The STAFF: In our business the staff performs the main difference between bad, middle and best companies. We work as a solid team. We want to provide active participation of all members in solvation of the main tasks of the company. We create conditions in which members of the team give much and receive much.

The HONESTY: We believe that honesty defines success of the business. We build fair and transparent relations with all participants of our business processes: with owners of the company, with employees, with clients, with business partners.

The OPTIMISM: We work with pleasure and optimism. Our professionalism gives the possibility to us to use more often words "tasks and questions", than words "problems and complexities". We trust in ourselves, in the future and actively work for the welfare of Ukraine. Our concrete contribution is a work, our enthusiasm and our professionalism. Through prosperity of our clients we aspire to our own prosperity.


  •  We have collected a team of professionals which can offer integrated solutions in sphere of our business.
  •  Our mission is a virtual integration with the company of the client in active search of optimum decisions in sphere of meat-processing industry.
  •  We don't want to take up the problems. We want to transform problems into possibilities for our clients.
  •  The client working with us will have an opportunity to offer better service for his clients and advantageously to differ from the competitors.


To construct highly effective system of servicing and constantly to control and improve this system. We will be guided by the following key parameters: not less than 65 % of the clients who have concluded with us first contract, should continue work with us and to become our regular customers. Degree of satisfaction of our clients should make not less than 7,5 points on a 10-mark scale.