As they say, to the good you get used quickly, it is a pity only that this good has also quickly come to an end. Hadn't time to look back like the summer remains behind, the same as also our football weekend which also has flown by and has left the unforgettable moments of corporate fun in memory. On August, 30th on Recreation Centre "Seagull" territory final matches of our teams, closing of a football season and the championship on the Cup of Holding company "B.S.G." have taken place. Everything was just excellent to have a great rest : good weather, remarkable mood of fans and a fighting spirit of participants of soccer teams.

The fan of DGE:

The end of summer, boys are such vigorous and all want to win, then personally I support DGE, I had an impression that this team should win. I like in this team good protection, the goalkeeper -  he very well reacts to a ball, and in general all players very active and amicable, they support each other and develop tactics — they are good fellows!

It is really great that our management creates such corporate rest to our collective. It would be very good to create more often such arrangements and not only during the summer period, but also in autumn and in winter! It is pleasant to have a rest in a circle of the colleagues, and to be charged by energy for the next working week.

Igor Arefiev:

Excellent mood, before game slightly disturbing. I am assured that it is necessary to win and always to be the first and today we will do the utmost, to become winners!

Nathalie Lisenko:

Today is the final game - more people, the mood is more cheerful. I like our team, it is good that all of them in red sience they are more visible from so far and also they inspire confidence to a victory. I support them and I`am sure that victory will be ours!

Team of Print:

We are directed only on a victory - we will bit the Sales Dept! Our team has arrived with its full complement, there is a lot of fans and their support is very important for us. Impressions are the best only! From us has arrived two teams— all interested persons. We are ready to battle with the opponent and are assured that we will pull out this victory for which we were going so long!

The first meeting of the final round was friendly game of united team of DGE and 5th department with the united team of 6th and 7th deparments which has ended with the account of 3:1 in favor of team DGE and  we congratulate boys from united team with the third place! The following game was the most expected and two finalists — two strong teams struggled for the first place: team of the Sales Department  and the team of Print! During all game account was equal — 0:0, the extra time showed the same score and final game was ended by eleven-metre penalty kicks with the account 3:1 in favor of Print team.

Game results:

  1. Team of Print;
  2. Team of Sales Department;
  3. Team of DGE and 5th department;
  4. Team of 6th and 7th  departments.

The opposition of all treams was very strong, all were aspired to a victory, but unfortunately the winner should be only one and this time the team of Print won this 1st place. After such a difficult fight the winners were given Cup of the company and the main prize — 1000 grivnas and champagne. Happy players have decided to use at once a cool drink of aristocrats and have arranged to itself a long-awaited moment of the victory with splashes of champagne and then have gone on rest to the coast of Severski Donets. Boys long and difficult were going to such final, spent a lot of trainings and because of much work and friendly collective they have achieved the goal and became champions! We congratulate them with this! And to all active participants and fans of our tournament we say— See you next tournament!!!


Shkvira Alexander Vasilevich — General Director of «Poly-Pack»

Avilov Nikolay Anatolievich — Production Director of "Poly-Pack"

Kostuchenko Sergey Ivanovich — Director of the Trading House

Arefiev Igor Alexandrovich — Chief of Sales Department of Ukraine

Shahov Konstantin Victorovich — Chief of Sales Department of Russia

Benaissa Kamil Omarovich — Chief of Sales Department of Foreign countries

Gubarenko Galina Leonidovna — Chief of  Department of Assortment products

Didenko Pavel Nikolaevich — Chief of Department of technologists

Polkovnikov Alexander Victorovich — Chief of Design-center and preparation of cliche

Degtiarev Alexander Ivanovich - Chief of Sales Department of CIS countries