Policy in the field of quality

The policy in the field of quality is a priority element of the general policy of the Company and is defined by a principle:


«Production and granting of services of high quality  – is a pledge of satisfaction of requirements and expectations of the Consumer, success and Company`s prosperity».

Main goals of the Company in the field of quality:

  •  to produce and to provide the services of high quality that meet requirements and expectations of the Consumer;
  •  to provide Company`s functioning in conformity with requirements and recommendations of international standard ISO 9001:2000;
  •  to achieve by results of an estimation of Consumers of the Company of leadership among manufacturers of artificial sausage casings and flexible packing materials based on quality and variety of let out kinds of production.

The aspiration of the company to perfection promotes constant improvement of the quality of let out products. Our company won competition "Highest test" and "The European quality" for the production of goods which correspond to the European standards. Besides we have numerous awards and diplomas of the international research centers in the field of packaging.

Introduction of the system of quality management gives confidence to the customers that our enterprise stably release high-quality products and it is guaranteed by carefully debugged organization of manufacture, a high skill level of the staff and professional etiquette. Scientific and technical researches, hi-tech manufacture and constant studying of the market allow our company to follow accurately to the planned goal and to strengthen the leading positions, to combine successfully traditions of manufacturing of packing materials and modern technologies of their production.