"Inprodmash - 2006"

For high-grade development of any company which wishes to improve the status and to hold a high degree of quality of production, participation in prestigious exhibitions is necessary. From September, 11 till September, 14th, 2006 in Kiev on the territory of the International Exhibition Center was taking place the 15th International specialized exhibition of the equipment, technologies for food and processing industry INPRODMASH 2006 and 7th International specialized exhibition of the equipment and materials for packaging UPAKOVKA 2006.

These exhibitions deservedly are considered as the most representative exhibition actions in the field of food mechanical engineering and packaging in Ukraine. In 2006 the total area of expositions has made 9200 sq.m. In exhibitions 222 companies from 20 countries have taken part: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarusii, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Nidarlandov, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Czechia. From year to year these exhibitions cause stable interest for experts of the food-processing industry and are the place where trading contracts are negotiated and novelties of highly effective technology, equipment and materials are shown.

Such big exhibitions are always important events for any enterprise and especially for "Poly-Pack Ltd" - company of the international level. Therefore the departments which have taken part in an exhibition «Inprodmash 2006», have very responsibly concerned preparation for the work in Kiev that has led to good results — all planned meetings were done, all customers which should arrive for discussion of different business questions have arrived. All that was planned for negotiations and signing has been executed. So all the tasks before department were successfully solved.