"Inprodmash - 2007"

From September, 11 till September, 14th, 2007 on the territory of the Kiev International Exhibition Center 16th International specialized exhibition of the equipment, technologies for food and processing industry «INPRODMASH-2007» and 8th International specialized exhibition of the equipment and materials for packaging «UPAKOVKA-2007» has taken place.

These are the largest exhibitions of food mechanical engineering in Ukraine. This year the total area of expositions has made more than 10 000 sq.m. In exhibition have taken part more than 250 companies from 23 countries – Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Romania, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France, Czechia, Sweden and Switzerland.

 Exhibitions «INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA» for years of their existence deservedly have got the status of leading exhibition actions in the field of food mechanical engineering and packaging of Ukraine, and became traditional meeting place of foreign and native experts in sphere of food-processing and packaging industry, some kind of the bridge between the East and the West.

 Participants of exhibitions represent a full spectrum of the equipment for food production: from cutting and processing of raw materials, up to storage and packing of ready product, and also ingredients, casings, washing and disinfectanting substances, and accompanying services.

 Company "Poly-Pack" has presented at the exhibition novelties of 2007 in sphere of casings: «Luga-Light Fibrostar» - mono-layer artificial permiable casing, which has matte roughness of the surface, "Luga-Vit", "Luga-Slip" - mono-layer artificial casings permiable for smoking, and also other casings already widely known.

For company "Poly-Pack" this exhibition has passed very fruitfully. Negotiations with potential clients from the different countries such as Hungary, Romania, Greece and others have taken place.

 About results of exhibition for company "Poly-Pack" told us direct participant of the fair, the chief of a sales department in Ukraine – Igor Aleksandrovich Arefiev:

If to speak about exhibition «INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA» as a whole, then I should say that majority of participants marks it`s business atmosphere. All our partners and all experts with which we planned to meet, were visitors of our stand. In the first day of work of the exhibition our stand was visited by 18 % from total number of visitors, in the second 60 %, and stand visitings in the third and fourth day of the exhibition were distributed fifty-fifty.