Advantages of the polyamide casing

What are the advantages of polyamide casings in comparison with cellulose, protein and other kinds of casing?

Unlike cellulose, protein and other casings, polyamide thermoshrinkable casing possess a number of conclusive advantages:

  •  advanced stuffing of the casing;
  •  high mechanical durability allows to use casing without any problems on the modern high-speed equipment;
  •  10-15 % of thermoshrinkable properties in combination with optimum adhesion to the forcemeat, provide exclusively smooth surface of the sausage sticks and exact diameter along their full length, and also is reliable protection from fat pockets and wrinkles;
  •  high barrier properties of the casing prevent from evaporation of the moisture and oxygen penetration that considerably increases the outcome of ready goods and period of storage of sausage products;
  •  unreceptiveness of the casing to smell and taste keeps aroma of sausage products and protects them from foreign smells;
  •  Stability to high temperatures allows to make pasteurization of the product;
  •  the wide range of calibers and the big color scale in combination with qualitative and colourful flexoprinting gives the chance to the manufacturer to emphasize his products in the conditions of rigid competition.