We combine professional experience of realization of different projects and our professional skill with understanding and satisfaction of requirements of the client and we use this potential for creation of successfully working manufactures.

The philosophy of our company remains invariable from the date of it`s foundation and till present time — only the success of our business partners will bring success to us.

We hope that you will win from our knowledge and experience. We are opened for the fruitful and long-term cooperation.

Company "POLY-PACK" - the modern enterprise for manufacturing of artificial sausage casings and flexible packaging materials. Our enterprise strongly holds more than 15 years positions in the world market of packaging for the food-processing industry. Use of the modern high-efficiency equipment allows to carry out orders of any level of complexity. Research center of "POLY-PACK" constantly is engaged in working out of new and perfection of already existing consumer characteristics of the outcome products.

The full complex of services is given to our partners: service support of the orders, creation of design, rendering of technical support, production delivery worldwide, detailed consultations about selection of packing materials. The aspiration of the company to perfection promotes the constant improvement of quality of outcoming products.

Our company won competition "Highest test" and "The European quality" for the production of goods which correspond to the European standards. Besides we have numerous awards and diplomas of the international research centers in the field of packaging. In 2003 the company «BUREAU VERITAS» made a certified audit on conformity of system of quality management of the enterprise to requirements of standard ISO 9001:2000. Introduction of the system of quality management gives confidence to the customers that our enterprise stably release high-quality products and it is guaranteed by carefully debugged organization of manufacture, a high skill level of the staff and professional etiquette.

Scientific and technical researches, hi-tech manufacture and constant studying of the market allow our company to follow accurately to the planned goal and to strengthen the leading positions, to combine successfully traditions of manufacturing of packing materials and modern technologies of their production.


-is one of the most popular products of our company. It is a polyamide, thermoshrinkable, mon o-layer casing which is intended for manufacturing of frankfurters, wieners and mini-sausages.

The "Luga-Bar" casing is made on basis of modern technology of high-quality raw materials and applied to filling on all types of the equipment. "Luga-Bar" possesses high barrier and physicomechanical properties, stability of the caliber, high thermoshrinkage and biological inertness.

In 2003 the company has started to produce casings "Luga-Bar" type "Pro" which possesses all properties of "Luga-bar" casing, but, is intended for production using technology which includes stage of smoking. Permeability of the casing allows to make smoking of frankfurters and wieners. In comparison with protein and cellulose casings"Luga-Bar" type "Pro" possesses higher barrier properties. This casing is produced in diameter from 19 up to 32 mm in rolls or shirred briquettes. On the casing can be made one-side or two-side full-color flexoprinting.

 "Luga-Fresh" "T-Kranz"

- is five-layer artificial casing intended for manufacturing of all kinds of cooked, liver, blood sausages and pate as well as soft cheese in shape of ring or semi-ring.

Advantages of "Luga-Fresh" "T-Kranz" in comparison with natural casings, is in possession of higher barrier properties. Caliber of the casing is from 35mm up to 45mm. Internal diameter of a ring after stuffing: 115-300 mm, depending on the requirement of the customer. On the casing can be made full-color flexoprinting.

"Luga-Fresh" "T-Sinuga"

- is five-layer artificial casing intended for manufacturing of all kinds of cooked sausages and hams. Its appearance and shape imitate sausages in natural blind gut.

Caliber of the casing is 50-80mm. Colors: brown, smoke color, transparent. Manufacturing of exclusive colors is possible. On the casing can be made two-sided one color imitation printing. The casing has a unique parity of physicomechanical characteristics and thermoshrinkable properties in longitudinal and across rupture. This combination of characteristics allows to make overstuffing of the casing on 40-50 %.

"Luga-Fresh" "T-Gli"

- is the five-layer polyamide casing intended for manufacturing of cooked, blood and liver sausages, hams in the form of a bubble. Caliber of the casing is 35-50мм. The combination of the developed physicomechanical characteristics and thermoshrinkable properties allows to make overstuffing of the casing on 80-100%. On the casing can be made one-side or two-side full-color flexoprinting.

At the beginning of 2002 was set in operation the Production Line for manufacturing of flexible packing materials with flexoprinting. The high quality equipment allows to make the big assortment of polymeric materials, foils, paper of multilayer materials and laminates, and also to put on them the high quality full-color printing of large-format . This packing is applied in various industries.

 Selection of packing material  is defined by biochemical properties of a product, conditions of its storage.

For packing of groats, spices, ice-cream, dry breakfasts is used the oriented polypropylene, thickness 30-40 microns; for packing of the dairy, frozen products, mayonnaise, a dry feed - three-layer polyethylene, thickness from 70 up to 120 microns.

Packing of chips, confectionery, spices of the glazed curd cakes, the frozen products, various chemicals is made of the laminated oriented polypropylene.

The laminate of polyethylene terephthalate with polyethylene is used for packing of fat-containing products, mayonnaise, mustard. Spices, tea, coffee, ketchups are recommended to pack into a material from polyethylene terephthalate, metallized polypropylene or polyethylene.

Flexible packing materials can be delivered depending on desire of the customer both in rolls and in the form of package production.