Packing with firm symbolics or with the original image has not only simply attractive appearance, but also gives to the packed goods competitiveness and presentableness. Besides, casing with the logo - inexpensive and effective enough kind of advertizing.

Flexoprinting as the sort of a high way of the printing provides use of highly elastic photopolymeric forms and liquid quick-drying printing paints.

For today the flexography is one of the most popular kinds of the printing, as practically has no restrictions for the printed materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, a corrugated carton, paper, foil etc.), differs by high quality of printing and low price of a unit of production. For the flexoprinting  it is typical very thin paint layer on a finished article, and also presence of the "cliche" (elastic printing forms) which are made separately for each paint. By this way of the printing it is possible to transfer set of shades and semitones, and accurately to combine colors at the multi-color printing by means of automatic register of forms in the printing machine.

The UV-Printing. Highly qualitative full-color printing with possibility of combination of front and back side. It is carried out by special paints, cured on the casing under the influence of ultra-violet (UV) radiations. The full-color printing (FC) - is a printing in which all colors and image shades turn out by mixture of four "basic" paints - blue, purple, yellow and black (CMYK) - on a printed surface (of the casing). Allows to receive images of advanced complexity, including the photo-images.

Advantages of the flexoprinting:

  •  Simplicity of technology;
  • Low expenses;
  • High efficiency;
  • High quality of printings on various materials;
  • Ecological compatibility of the printing (paints on water or spirit basis are used);
  • Low power consumption of the equipment in comparison with offset printing;
  • Low percentage of wastes.

«Poly-Pack Ltd» carries out the printing practically on all kinds of casings. We offer printing of the designs which have from 1 up to 6 colors, including full-color flexoprinting on modern four-colour and six-colour machines. It is possible line, die and the raster printing with a lineature of the image from 80 to 120 lpi, and also their combinations.

The equipment allows to print on film with width up to 200 mm. The maximum step of the printing - 390mm.

Approxinate terms of order production - 2 weeks.

CALIBER OF THE CASING – nominal diameter of the casing  sleeve in millimeters.

CLICHE (or PRINTING FORM) – plate made of special material – photopolymer - on which in mirror display all elements of one color which should be printed on the casing are located.

FRONT — front side of the casing, on which the most important information about manufacturer and product is located. It is really a face of your product, since this side of product is the most attractive in the supermarkets.

DIE - the element of the image executed by solid 100% pouring by any color.

LAYFLAT WIDTH OF THE CASING — half of the length of the circumference of a casing sleeve, can be calculated by formula d(diameter)=3,14/2.

LENGTH OF THE PRINTING - actually it is length of.the cliche. Depends on cylinders used during the printing on which cliches are fasten, and it is equal to the length of a circle of these cylinders: 260mm and 300mm.

RASTER - the image consisting of the smallest points of one color.

PRINTING STEP - the image on the casings consists of the separate fragments repeating with certain step. The length of one fragment of the image plus distance from its end up to the beginning of the following fragment is called as printing step. The printing step depends on the chosen length of the printing.