Kranz (ringing)

Kranz (ring) casing - the artificial casing intended for manufacturing of all kinds of cooked sausages and wieners, blood and liver sausages, pastes, and also processed cheeses in the form of a ring or semi-ring.

The ring form of sausage products is interesting because it is quite new (for cooked sausages, wieners, frankfurters and especially processed cheeses, even of the original form) and in the same time traditional. Such form for sausage products is given by natural intestinal casings. Thus, sausage in the form of a ring associates with a natural product, so valued all over the world.

Kranz casing is produced according to up-to-date technology by co-extrusion method, from high quality polyamide raw materials manufactured by leading polymer producers.

Raw-materials have  all certificates, which allow contact with foodstuff.

  • Caliber of the casing: from 30mm up to 55mm.
  • Internal diameter of the ring after stuffing: 100-200mm, depending on customer`s requirements.
  • Colors of the casing: brown, wine-colored, red, roze, copper, orange, yellow, gold, dark-gold, silver, bronze, transparent, black, white, cream, dark blue, green. Production of exclusive colors is possible.

On casing it is put one-side or two-side flexoprinting. Flexographic paints are steady against mechanical damages, boiling, fat, have all certificates allowing contact with the foodstuff. Quantity of colors of the printing from 1 up to 6. Full-color printing is possible. The arrangement of flexoprinting on the casing (on innner side, outer side, sideways) should be specified during placing of the order .

High physicomechanical properties.

  •  Allow to use casing on all types of automatic clipping machines and manually.
  • Provide efficient production of stuffing equipment.
  • Permit to overstuff the casing for increasing profitability of production.
  • Attractive appearance of final product during whole period of realization.

Caliber stability.

Caliber stability of the casing is very important during thermal treatment, this property guarantees absence of undercooked or sodden sausage sticks and provides constant diameter along the whole length of sausage stick, allows to plan casing consumption.

High level of thermo-shrinkage.

Thermo-shrinkage properties of the casing  is the best preventer against forming of fat and gel pockets as well as wrinkles, and they give perfect organoleptic properties to final products.

High thermo-resistance.

Casing is resistant not only to high temperature, but also to its lasting effect. That is why the range of thermal treatment of sausages in KRANZ casing is wider, in comparison with natural, cellulose and collagen casings.

Biological inactivity.

Polymeric materials used for production of KRANZ casing are inert to bacteria and moulds. This property improves hygienic characteristics of casing and sausage production as well.