Preliminary soaking «Instant»

Polyamide casing without soaking

New service from "Poly-Pack Ltd" - Preliminary soaking «Instant» - the unique and economic decision for cooked sausages and pressed hams. Becides, an exception of process of soaking guarantees sanitary safety of packaging, its cleanliness.

Option «Instant» is a new service which has no analogues in Ukraine and applies for replacement of popular and well-known shiring without «Instant». This service gives elasticity and durability to the casing in combination with high shrinkage and doesn't demand preliminary soaking in the water. Besides it is universal enough and can be used for various kinds of sausage casings. Stably keeps the print of forms of any design. At any enterprise during the treatment process of sausages and a polyamide casings passage of all cycles of technological process is inevitable: from preparation of the casings for usage up to cooling of finished goods. It is quite obvious that  preparation stage, namely process of soaking and showering leads to unproductive expenses on time. Besides it is necessary to consider that non-following the recommendations of soaking breaks stability of behavior of a casing on the subsequent cycles of its usage and decreases stuffing, leads to rupture of the casing and rugosity, etc. Appearence of «Instant» which presumes to use casing without soaking, - the unique decision that can allow to exclude such remarks.

To feel doubtless benefit from the usage of such service, it is necessary to go on with the risk- unfortunately in the market the effective offers are perceived carefully especially such that change habitual way of production. If not to be afraid to bring corrections into the organization of production, then undoubtedly, there will be positive results, but taking into account that there will be some time for the elementary calculation.

Besides, «Instant» allows to exclude a stage of showering of ready goods. Depending on the water temperature applied during sowering, it will take around 1 hour for cooling to reach in the center of the stick 30. Using «Instant» it is possible to reduce the process of showering to a minimum or to exclude it completely and to pass to cooling in the chambers equipped with air coolers. The casing is not afraid of drafts, streams of cold air that is why rugosity on a surface is absent.

Application of «Instant» allows to use more effectively capacities of the enterprise, thereby increasing its profit. And at the same time it quarantees the receipt of excellent ready goods, avoidance of unforeseen defects which promote increase of defective production demanding industrial processing.

Substantiation of an economic gain of usage of casing without soaking - «Instant»

  •  Time of soaking of casing in rolls is 30 minutes, in shirred briquettes - 40 minutes
  • If to exclude the process of soaking then 30-40 minutes are liberated
  • During the filling of casing of caliber ф65 for 30 minutes using 300kg of forcemeat

The additional volume accordingly will make up 300 or 400 kg of forcemeat

In price varient  - with cost of sausage (for example 1kg=15uah) the additional volume of production output will make equivalent of 4500-6000uah in addition in one shift.

  • Also wastes (rests) of the casing, presoaked in bigger quantity then necessary for work is excluded.