We look for employees on the position of the Territorial Representative in Northern (Chernigov, Sumy, Poltava, Cherkassy) and Eastern regions (Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Donetsk).

The general information of the job:

Signing of the contracts with the enterprises (meat-packing plants and other enterprises of various patterns of ownership anyhow connected with manufacturing of sausages and sausage products, wieners, frankfurters, cheeses, dairy, frozen, fish and other products which need polyamide casing), their support: acceptance of orders, control of shipments, payment in time etc.


  • Monthly wage + Bonus + % + Compensating package
  • Monthly wage from 3000 uah.
  • Bonus — depends on plans, orders, shipments..
  • % - from the sales.

Compensating package:

  • Fuel + amortization of the car+ mobile connection + internet + additional expensise.
  • By the results of the reports: Fuel – 100% + amortization of the car (20% from the fuel).
  • During the probationary period is paid monthly wage and expensise of the fuel.


Probationary period – contract of work and labour.

After the probationary period – registration at the head-office of «Poly-Pack Ltd» Lugansk.

The territorial representative should know accurately:

  • History, priorities, culture of the company which he is representing;
  • technical characteristics of the products, which he is representing;
  • existing analogues and differences of our products from competitors;
  • principles of "enterence" of the enterprise;
  • negotiating principles etc.

Indispensable condition is presence of the own Car, knowledge of PC.

Questions and CVs must be send to the following address

066 832 17 29 Alexander